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Okay but when you think about it, captivity is one of the the most selfish things you could support when it comes to animals.

Taking an orca or dolphin out of its natural habitat and making it perform stupid fucking tricks so people can have a “connection” with them?

Who said you have to have a connection with animals? What gives you the right to ruin their lives so you can feel special? Fuck that.






That killer whale did a killer job soaking my family and I !! (at Miami Seaquarium Key Biscayne)

That killer whale has spent 40 years in that sorry excuse for a tank and 30 years alone. She’s suffering.

Please don’t support this, it’s unbelievably cruel and spending your money there will only keep her trapped longer.

That killer whale could easily kill her/his trainer in a matter of minutes.. but let’s just ignore that fact why don’t we. After all.. all that matters is the splash!!

Free Tilly!!

Well, that’s not Tilikum, it’s Lolita…








dear everyone who says he’s a good person

he also punched goofy too, what an imbecile.

Canada can take him back anytime now

He can go back into his mother’s womb anytime now

He can burn alive in a fire anytime now

Seriously beliebers need to stop beliebing in Justin Bieber… And start believing in some person who actually cares.

on behalf of canada we are really sorry we don’t know why he turned out like this but for  anyone who is unhappy feel free to take a free moose and a couple gallons of maple syrup eh?



Did you know that the Indianapolis Zoo had a dolphin show? So it gets worst. At the Indianapolis Zoo, Nova, a bottlenose dolphin who was taken from the wild in 1988, has had eight pregnancies since 1993. Six of her calves have died. Two are living, including Kalei and one also born on June 3, 2011. 

After 12 years and 11 dead babies, the staff at the Zoo blamed all the deaths on the dolphins. They claim (per “Bringing up Mommy”) that the female dolphins just didn’t know how to be good mothers. After consulting with numerous experts, they came to the conclusion that dolphins just do not naturally have motherly instincts. 

It was 2000, and 3 of the 4 females at the zoo were close to giving birth again. (Note: Shiloh the Zoo’s 5th female died in 1997) Phoenix and Ripley both gave birth to live babies, but they both died the same day they were born. Then on November 16, 2000, Nova gave birth to her 4th calf, and it survived. After years of trying to breed these dolphins, Kalei was the result the zoo was looking for. The staff claims that the other adult females immediately started copying what Nova and her calf did. The females paired up and pretended to be mother and calf, swimming in formation and practicing nursing. 

In August 2001, it was China’s turn, and she gave birth to Indy, who also survived. A month later, Sept 11, 2001, Phoenix gave birth, but the calf did not live. On Feb. 2, 2002, Ripley gave birth to Jett, the zoo’s 3rd calf to survive. One might at this point conclude that these females finally gained their motherly instincts. Maybe it took the dolphins 3 or 4 tries to “get it right”.

However, since Jett was born in 2002 there have been 8 calves born at the zoo, and NONE have survived. 

The Indy Zoo has reached out to many other dolphin facilities and experts for help. The most interesting response they received came from a group of High School students. In the article “Students on the Case of Dying Dolphins,” students from a local high school broke down the genetic diversity of the Indy dolphins and came to the conclusion that the death of many of the dolphin calves was due to inbreeding. We applaud the students and their teachers for this amazing work. However, after over 50 years of holding dolphins in captivity, does it really take a group of high school students to figure this out? 

Since they have started their breeding program, out of 28 dolphins only 4 have survived. Please pass the news on to your friends. Tell them not to buy a ticket to the Zoo until they stop trying to unsuccessfully breed dolphins. We are working on a project to raise awareness about the botched breeding program at the zoo. Please share this post far and wide.



July 6// Miami Seaquarium//

smartsaida123, I noticed you posted a picture of miami seaqurium. please do NOT support Miami Seaqurium. Miami Seaqurium is home to confined dolphins. Dolphins are SOOO smart. They have complex social structures and stay with their pods their entire lives. In captivity, dolphins have been known to perform stereotypical behaviors. Such as banging their heads on the tank walls. In the wild they swim far distances. They do not get that in captivity. Miami Seaqurium is home to Lolita, the tank you saw her in IS ALL SHE HAS. She hasn’t left that tank for fifty years, and haven’t seen another orca for forty years. Activists are trying to free her because her family swims free. Please visit for more information or message me. Thank you :)
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